Leonard Kofman

Leonard Kofman

Partner Intellectual Property-Backed Financing Toronto

Leonard Kofman is a Partner with BDC Capital’s Intellectual Property-Backed Financing. He joined BDC in 2020, bringing nearly 15 years’ experience in investing and risk assessment.

As Chief Investment Officer at commercial lender Quantius, Leonard supported knowledge sector investment by creating credit policies, guidelines and risk rating frameworks, and leading the internal development of IP analytics approaches. Prior to Quantius, he was Chief Risk Officer at Bridging Finance, where he oversaw the company’s risk management strategy, created credit policy and key process controls, and analyzed and adjudicated all portfolio transactions.

He also worked for Sun Life Financial and the Bank of Montreal, and was the co-founder of TimeIsMoney.com, an online marketplace for personal consulting services.

Leonard holds a Master of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto.