What you’ll learn

Get insights into what lenders and banks look for when evaluating you for a business loan to help you prepare a successful loan application.

Topics covered

  • Six questions your bank will ask about your business

    How to prepare a business plan, investment statements and financial projections before you start your loan application.

  • Three financial ratios that measure business success

    How leverage, liquidity and profitability are evaluated by lenders.

  • Choose the right lender and negotiate your loan

    Understand four types of business loan products and how to shop around for the right bank.

  • Boost your credibility for a business loan

    Why sticking to facts to articulate your financial and marketing plans will improve your chances of getting a business loan.




25 pages

Read time

14-minute read


Money and finance

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Who is it for?


Discover a six-point checklist for a winning business loan application.

Financial managers

Learn how to communicate key financial data and ratios banks use to assess loan eligibility.

Sales managers

Understand the role of sales forecasting in anticipating future business performance.

Facilities managers

Find out how banks evaluate assets and capital equipment needs as part of a business loan application.

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