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What you’ll learn

Discover ways to manage cash flow for your business. Learn how forecasting sales and inventory and shortening customer payment terms can improve your cash conversion cycle.

Topics covered

  • Understand cash flow

    Learn how money flows in and out of your business.

  • Measure your cash conversion cycle

    Calculate how long it takes to convert inventory into cash.

  • Track cash flow

    Build cash flow into your annual business planning to anticipate potential problems.

  • Four tips to getting paid faster

    Get customer payments sooner to keep cash moving through your business.




11 pages

Read time

7-minute read


Money and finance

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Who is it for?


Understand why profitable companies often face a cash crunch and how to optimize your cash flow.

Financial managers

Discover how a simple spreadsheet can track cash inflows and outflows to improve cash conversion.

Sales managers

Learn proven ways to get clients to pay more quickly that benefits customer relations as well.

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