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Free eBook: How to get a business loan

How to prepare a winning loan request


Boost your chances of obtaining a business loan by understanding what bankers look for, how they'll assess your request and what you can do to help them say yes, even if you're a first-time business borrower.

Find out:

  • 6 factors your banker will consider when assessing your request
  • What issues you need to consider besides the interest rate
  • 3 common mistakes entrepreneurs make when borrowing money
  • What you should ask bankers when shopping for a loan
  • Types of collateral and how to decide which one is right for you
  • 6 things you can do to boost your credibility
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What a banker looks for

Find out what bankers take into account when evaluating a loan request and the 4 types of loans generally available at Canadian banks.

What are you looking for?

Which questions you need to ask about loan conditions to make sure it's a good fit for your needs, and the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when borrowing money.

Choosing a bank and preparing to negotiate

Find out why shopping around for the right loan can pay big dividends, what vital information you should know when meeting your banker and the most common types of collateral.

If you are a start-up

Essential tips for first-time borrowers to improve your odds of success, including the key information your business plan must have.

Once you have your loan

Find out why it's important to maintain a strong relationship with your banker after you've obtained a loan and how to go about it.