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Canada Tariff Finder

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Whether you’re already selling globally or just getting started exploring new markets, finding your way through complex tariff schedules is no easy task.

The Canada Tariff Finder is a free tool that allows Canadian exporters to check the tariffs applicable to a specific good in a given foreign market, with a focus on countries with which Canada has a Free Trade Agreement. As they become available, new tariff schedules will be added to cover more countries.

Fast. Simple. Easy.

Here’s how the Canada Tariff Finder works:

  • Simply look up your product. The Canada Tariff Finder will give you the rates for the current year and for subsequent years when a Free Trade Agreement is in place.
  • Compare tariffs between export markets.
  • Print your results or receive them by email.

3 reasons to use the Canada Tariff Finder:

  • Easily compare tariffs between export markets.

  • More accurately forecast expenses.

  • Better assess the profitability of selling to different markets.

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