Resources to help your business manage cash flow

Discover tools to project your short- and long-term cash flow, plus e-learning modules, articles and quick tips to adjust your cash cycle.

Cashflow projection


13-week cash flow projection tool

Assess short-term cash flow and burn rate scenarios.


Monthly cash flow management tool

Forecast your cash flow for the next 12 months.

Cashflow management

Discover resources to manage cash flow and optimize your business finances.

Taking Control of Your Cash Flow

Learn how to improve your cash flow with this Financial Management Guide.

7 steps to sustain your business through the COVID-19 disruption

Understand why managing cash flow in a crisis is key to business resiliency.

Current ratio calculator

Compare business assets and liabilities to know if you can meet debt obligations.

Quick ratio

Understand how quickly you can turn business assets into cash to meet short-term creditor demands.

3 key indicators for your cash flow dashboard

Monitor cash on hand, payment terms and gross profit to improve your cash flow.

Cash flow – e-learning

Discover how cash moves through your company so you can adjust business practices to have more cash on hand.

Advanced cash flow – e-learning

Learn how to forecast your cash flow in this step-by-step online course