Advice to adapt your operations to a new reality.

Advice to adapt your operations during uncertain times.

COVID-19 has caused many businesses to rethink their operations. Learn how to create more efficient processes and better output by improving communications, mapping supply and demand, and challenging employees to find new ways of working.

Advice to develop a leaner business mode, as you shift gears to respond to the new normal.

Create a leaner business – Guide

Learn the fundamentals of operational efficiency by cutting waste,plus three ways to help your business be more productive.

Optimize your business processes – Guide

Learn how to build a culture of continuous improvement so you can track waste and build more efficient processes.

Canadian business productivity benchmarking tool

Compare your business productivity with others in your industry, and discover how much you can increase your competitiveness.

How to use lean manufacturing to make your business more productive

Follow these three steps to drive long-term success by eliminating waste in your business.

Tips on how to cut costs in your operation

Understand how internal costs can be adjusted, and why routinely assessing external suppliers can help save your business money.

A quick guide to thinking lean

Learn five basic principles of lean production to help you understand value, improve efficiency, enhance decision-making and offer great customer service.