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How BDC protects your business from fraud

Our clients’ online security is important to us. Your personal and financial information is valuable and BDC has the same objective as you: to keep it safe.

We use sound security practices, as well as the most suitable technology to secure our clients’ confidential data.

Here’s how we go about it

Secure technology
  • BDC’s website is protected by using the safest encryption method available on the market. This technology enhances data privacy and prevents loss, misuse or manipulation of information.
  • Communications between your computer’s browser and protected parts of BDC’s website are encrypted using advanced technology (a minimum 128AES-bit SSL encryption). This means that these sessions are secure, preventing a third party from accessing sensitive information.
  • BDC has developed its own Certificate Policy (CP) and Certification Practice Statement (CPS) which represent a certification authority of business practice disclosures. Request for information on BDC’s compliance or any other inquiry associated with CP and CPS.
  • Our security infrastructure is designed to block unauthorized access.
Regular reviews and updates of technology practices
  • Our security practices and technology are reviewed and updated regularly in order to ensure a secure environment for BDC’s business and to protect our clients’ data. Check our Online Privacy Policy for more details.
  • BDC operates in a highly regulated environment and our security measures are audited on an ongoing basis.
  • We monitor traffic to identify, prevent and investigate any suspicious activity.
  • We constantly invest in advanced firewall technology to protect and block, in real time, any attempt to infiltrate BDC’s computers and/or network.
Sound governance and security practices
  • Our employees are trained in information security awareness and in how to handle sensitive information.
  • They are also bound by confidentiality agreements and BDC’s Code of Ethics.

How to securely access BDC’s website

  • Always verify that your browser has established a secure connection. Look for "https:// " in the address bar. Otherwise, do not log in or enter sensitive personal information.
  • Click on the lock symbol to see the BDC website’s security certificate. The resulting window should look like the example below. If it doesn’t, please exit the website.
  • Click "View Certificates" to verify the period of the issued certificate. Look for a valid period.
Your privacy

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To find out more, consult our Policy on confidentiality.