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Working capital loan

Complement your line of credit

Access the extra funds you need

When you don't want to jeopardize cash flow, a working capital loan can be just the solution you need when you want to:

  • Boost inventory to meet demand
  • Take advantage of suppliers’ discounts
  • Complement your line of credit

Benefits for your business

Flexible repayment terms to protect your cash flow

  • Postpone the start of capital payments
  • Match payments to your cash flow pattern

Limited personal risk

  • Your personal assets are not taken as collateral for the loan

Peace of mind

  • Stable terms and conditions that don't change without due cause

If you are an Indigenous entrepreneur, discover solutions designed for you.

David Ciccarelli
BDC took the time to get to know my business and suggest lending solutions that I hadn’t thought of myself. They made the lending process easy for me.
Titan Environmental Containment
BDC not only helped me with financing, they provided me with tools and resources that helped structure the business and gave me the freedom I needed to build my company.