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Customized working capital financing

Access capital without diluting ownership

You’re looking to raise working capital for growth initiatives but have insufficient tangible assets to secure conventional financing and don’t want to dilute your ownership. Our Growth & Transition Capital experts can offer you a choice of customized growth financing solutions to ensure your project’s success.

Financing from $250,000 to $35M

Working with our team of expert, experienced professionals who know your local market, your company can raise capital for projects such as R&D, and product and market development, or to invest in intangible assets such as intellectual property and goodwill.

Our solutions are right for your business if you:

  • Run an established or high-growth firm
  • Have a strong management team
  • Demonstrate quality of financial reporting

Key benefits

  • Security is subordinated to secured lenders, which gives you more borrowing power.
  • Limited to no involvement in management, which keeps the business in your hands.
  • Personal assets are not taken as collateral.

3 solutions depending on your needs

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