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Commercial real estate financing

Purchase real estate or expand your existing facilities

Benefit from a loan that covers a high percentage of your long-term financing needs to protect your cash flow.

Do you need to increase production capacity, make room for new employees or upgrade your facilities? Our commercial real estate loan can help accommodate your future growth by financing:

  • Purchase of land and buildings
  • Construction of new premises
  • Expansion or renovation of existing premises
  • Replenishment of working capital depleted by real estate costs

Benefits for your business

  • Flexible repayment terms to protect your cash flow

    • Repay your loan over a period of up to 25 years
    • Postpone capital payments for up to 36 months at the start of the loan, if you wish
    • Match payments to the seasonal or progressive cash flow pattern of your business
    • Make a 15% annual prepayment at any time without penalty
  • Limited personal risk

    • Your personal assets are not taken as collateral for the loan
  • Peace of mind

    • Stable terms and conditions that don't change without due cause

If you are an Indigenous entrepreneur, discover solutions designed for you.

Leslie J. (John) Baxter
Having a bank that’s on my side and looking out for my best interest makes life a whole lot easier. I would still be where I was without the help of BDC.
Cecilia Burke
I was a little nervous at first about investing in commercial real estate. But BDC made it so easy to jump in with both feet and get the financing we needed to make our project work!