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Financing to buy a business

Purchase an existing business

Benefit from our extensive experience in business acquisition financing. Our professionals will work with you to find the optimal financing structure.

Whether you're acquiring an existing business or a competitor's or supplier’s business, we offer several long term financing options depending on your circumstances:

  • A long-term loan based on the value of the fixed assets such as land, buildings, equipment or shares in an existing business
  • An unsecured loan for intangible assets such as intellectual property, goodwill and client lists
  • Vendor take-back financing
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Benefits for your business

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If you are an Indigenous entrepreneur, discover solutions designed for you.

With help from BDC, Ansan Traffic Control was able to acquire a major competitor, LaneTec, increasing our market share dramatically. And as a direct result of the combined forces of Ansan and LaneTec, the acquisition of DC Traffic Control Ltd. a few months later was made possible.