Financial support and resources available for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Support for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Selling Online for Small Business

Take your business online

COVID-19: You can count on us for proven strategies that are adapted to the current reality and can be implemented remotely.

The world has changed and shifts in consumer spending habits are here to stay. To survive, companies must quickly take their business online or get left behind.

Our e-commerce experts know that setting up a virtual storefront is just the first step to selling online. We help you take your business there too, showing you how to manage and maintain it long after we’re gone.

Selling online for Small Business helps you:

  • Quickly adapt your business to current online consumer habits
  • Set up your online store using effective best practices
  • Identify an initial product line-up that is most likely to generate a return
  • Explore marketing strategies to drive online traffic and sales
  • Use inventory management and forecasting to manage growth successfully
  • Learn how to run a profitable e-commerce business

Here is our three-step coaching process for taking your business online:

1. Discover

We review your current business context and build a plan based on your objectives. During this phase, we also:

  • Assess your readiness for e-commerce;
  • Position your online store to compete effectively in its market;
  • Quantify a customer journey that will generate online sales;
  • Identify quick wins to accelerate your launch.

2. Develop

With an easy-to-use e-commerce platform, we act swiftly (and remotely) to help you get your products online and create a great customer experience. During this phase, we help you:

  • Identify the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of your online store to maximize profitability
  • Choose an effective domain name, design theme, order fulfillment process, and more
  • Shape key business policies related to shipping, returns, refunds and privacy
  • Draft compelling, web-friendly homepage and product-page text

3. Deliver

During this phase, we empower you to manage your e-commerce business profitably by showing you how to:

  • Set KPIs to measure success and adjust to trends
  • Develop customer service standards to secure loyalty
  • Prepare your team for online selling
  • Boost sales with effective marketing strategies
  • Ramp up your operations to manage growth profitably
  • Drive growth with an e-commerce roadmap to guide your actions