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Like a store front, your website could be the main way customers are finding you and getting a first impression of your business. Without the proper features, it could actually fail to attract visitors, generate interest or produce sales.

Build a site that promotes business growth—let BDC's advisory service in web design help you:

  • Outline and document your site’s unique requirements
  • Select the right web developer to build or update your website
  • Manage the creation of your website to ensure it meets objectives
  • Optimize your site so search engines find you easily (SEO)
  • Develop a strategic plan for e-commerce, client portals, and integrate them with different systems such as client relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or other web services
BDC was top-notch in the build, development and implementation of our website. Without BDC’s help, our results would not be as positive as they are.

Benefits for your business:

1. Knowledge

  • Learn how to attract more clients through online channels
  • Find out how to choose and manage a web development partner
  • Understand how to track and enhance your site’s performance
  • Learn how to leverage web technologies to increase your revenue

2. Expertise

  • Our experts assess your business to define your website’s requirements
  • We prepare a Build Requirements document that outlines your site’s content and functionality
  • We lead and supervise the development of your website
  • We ensure your website is search engine optimized
  • We make sure website activity is tracked and a dashboard is built to make informed decisions
  • We help you to get ready for ecommerce and launch your web store with confidence

3. Support

  • Navigate the world of web development with confidence
  • Benefit from our experience as we define your site’s requirements
  • Sit back as we ensure the quality of the website build
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