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Human Resources for Small Business

Build a solid HR foundation to optimize employee impact

A strong HR foundation helps you place the right people in the right positions to fuel your growth, while clarifying their rights and responsibilities within the organization.

Our HR coaches can help you build an organizational structure that supports business growth through proper staffing and employee management.

Human Resources for Small Business will help you:

  • align your HR strategies to your business strategy;
  • develop regulation-compliant policies and procedures;
  • formulate an effective recruitment and retention strategy;
  • define and clarify roles and responsibilities; and
  • increase your knowledge of HR management.
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Here is our three-step coaching process for building a solid HR foundation:

1. Discover

We meet with you to understand your business and objectives. During this phase, we assess your current business strategy and the main HR challenges you face in achieving it. We also create an action plan with priorities for your project and a timeline for addressing the gaps between your current HR structure and your future HR structure.

2. Develop

You receive one-on-one coaching to help you:

  • write job descriptions that clearly define roles and responsibilities;
  • develop methods for sourcing, interviewing and hiring potential employees;
  • identify what differentiates you from other employers; and apply your HR strategy and best practices related to regulation compliance, work organization, recruiting and hiring, roles and responsibilities, discipline and termination, and employee engagement.

3. Deliver

During this phase, we:

  • review the roles, responsibilities and rights of both the employer and the employee to ensure regulatory requirements are understood;
  • provide you with the necessary framework and knowledge to draft an employee manual of policies and procedures for your company;
  • provide you with the framework and knowledge to manage a progressive disciplinary process for your employees, including termination; and
  • provide you with an action plan of prioritized HR activities for the following 6 to 12 months.
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