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Advanced financial management

Strengthen your finance structure

Keeping track of your finances is increasingly difficult as your company grows. If you want to remain profitable, however, it is also important that you effectively manage the increased flow of money through your business.

We can help you strengthen your finance organization while targeting specific areas in need of development due to company growth. Choose at least one of the following modules depending on your needs:

  • Financial planning and reporting
  • Costing and profitability
  • Financial process optimization
  • Capital investment analysis

Our advanced financial management solution will help you:

  • deepen your understanding of your company’s financial state;
  • strengthen specific financial areas your company needs to improve;
  • interpret financial data to make sound business decisions;
  • set measurable goals for your business finances; and
  • establish the tools and processes to sustain business growth.
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If you need to establish a strong foundation first, we can help you build one by starting with Financial Management for Small Business.

Here is our five-step process for strengthening your financial structure:

1. Prepare

We meet with you to understand your business and objectives. During this phase, we also:

  • review a questionnaire you completed about your business;
  • identify financial documents you need to gather for our assessment; and
  • discuss your expectations and agree on a project timeline.

2. Assess

We analyze the material you provided so that we can:

  • determine your specific finance needs;
  • interview key finance personnel in your company;
  • recommend the tools and/or approach you should implement;
  • facilitate a workshop with your team to review our suggestions; and
  • provide you with a report of our entire assessment.

3. Define

We work together to design the processes and tools you need to strengthen your financial capabilities and train you on the concepts you should know to use them effectively.

4. Build

We develop the tools and/or reports you need to effectively manage your finance model and show you and your team how to use them.

5. Advise (optional)

You may purchase additional blocks of hours for support in overseeing the work being implemented by your financial personnel and/or to refine your tools as needed.

Strengthen your financial management structure for sustained growth!

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Ryan Smith
We were seeing great sales, but not the profits. BDC’s Advisory Services team helped us determine exactly where we were losing money so we could make rapid changes in our business and improve our bottom line!