Financial support and resources available for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Support for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Operations and cash flow plan

Operational and financial management consulting

COVID-19: You can count on us for proven strategies that are adapted to the current reality and can be implemented remotely.

The longevity of any company depends on its ability to withstand the typical ups and downs of operating a business – not to mention life’s occasional curve ball. To minimize the impact of potential disruptions to your business, you need to protect your cash flow and mitigate operational risk. These actions build up resiliency and keep your business functioning in good times and bad.

BDC’s advisory services can work with you to assess your company’s current financial situation and operations. We then provide you with a plan to mitigate risks, which includes cash flow requirements and potential sources, so you can sustain essential operations in disruptive circumstances.

Mitigate financial and operational risks to build up resiliency

BDC helps you:

  • Understand potential threats to your operations and cash flow
  • Quickly build a short-term operations plan to meet expected demand
  • Rapidly identify financing requirements to support the plan
  • Prepare contingency plans to address shortages
  • Execute, monitor and adjust operations and cash flow activities as needed

Benefits for your business:

1. Knowledge

  • Learn how to manage critical resources in a cost-effective way
  • Understand how to manage weekly cash flows to support your operations

2. Expertise

Our advisors quickly but thoroughly assess your company’s liquidity, financial leverage and operational risks to provide you with:

  • Operations resiliency plan including requirements for material, labour, and equipment
  • Cash flow management plan based on the financial implications of your operations plan
  • Contingency plans to address supplier, equipment, labour shortages

3. Support

  • Keep your business going with a flexible plan that adjusts to changing needs
  • Depend on us to help you execute, monitor, and adjust plans as required
  • Trust our guidance on daily resource management and problem solving
  • Count on our support to help you manage cash flow

Other solutions to help you pull through difficult times: