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Support for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Management framework

Empower your team to better manage your company’s performance

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As your business expands, it becomes more complex. Quality, customer service and business performance suffer as you struggle to manage everything and everyone all the time.

Together we can design management tools and a communication structure to promote accountability and collaboration. Then we’ll train and coach your team to use them to increase organizational alignment and performance.

Management Framework will help you:

  • empower and engage your workforce;
  • clarify priorities and align efforts;
  • accelerate and improve decision making;
  • improve agility and response time to external changes;
  • reduce inefficiencies and risk; and
  • drive growth and maximize value overall.

Here is our three-step process for building a management framework:

1. Discover

We meet with you to gain a global understanding of your business and management practices. During this phase, we will:

  • review the project objectives, approach, schedule and work plan
  • visit your business and meet with your management team;
  • assess your current business model, operations and management training practices;
  • review your organizational structure and accountabilities.

2. Align

We facilitate three management-training workshops to:

  • define key performance indicators for the main functions of your business;
  • establish a communications structure that is tailored to your organization;
  • design the dashboard concept your team will use to monitor performance; and
  • share best practices regarding business communication and management tools.

3. Deliver

We provide five half-day coaching sessions to help your team:

  • test, validate and adopt the new tools, practices and communication structure
  • train your leaders on effectively managing or participating in “touchpoints” where key information is exchanged; and
  • based on findings, make changes to the framework that result in quick wins.

Elective options

We also offer several optional add-ons for businesses that would like extra support.

  • Assessment of advanced management practices
  • Dashboard development and implementation support
  • Management coaching in change management
  • Team leadership module

Get the right information to the right people at the right time… and watch what happens!

With a solid management framework, BDC has helped us secure buy-in from our team on a clear company vision aligned with our values, as well as structured work processes to improve our business performance.

My life is ten times better since BDC’s Management Framework helped me re-think my business and improve team engagement, organizational flow and efficiency.