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Rowda Mohamud

Business Advisor, Operational efficiency
Rowda Mohamud, Business Advisor, Operational efficiency

Rowda Mohamud helps entrepreneurs improve the foundations of their business by implementing quality management systems, food safety programs and operational efficiency initiatives. As a former professional engineer, Rowda brings over 15 years of industry experience in production and consulting. She offers hands on experience for entrepreneurs looking to improve process effectiveness, enhance customer satisfaction, and deliver high-quality, safe products, with a mindset to protecting their business investment and staging future growth. Her guiding principle is that an organization centered on quality will always meet and exceed customer expectations, and more importantly, beat the competition. An award-winning poet, Rowda is passionate about language, the world of spoken word, and bringing a bit of finely wrought humour to the world of business blogging. She also conducts poetry workshops for youth around the GTA.

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