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Low unemployment, an aging population on the brink of retirement and rising costs are just a few of the factors complicating today’s business environment. Canada’s entrepreneurs will need to modernize the way they work and develop key skills to succeed in a world where qualified workers will continue to be hard to find.

Join our Chief Economist and a panel of experts for a free online event to discuss tangible solutions to this complex environment.

Register now to hear our panelists share:

  • Four key skills you need to succeed today
  • The proven strategies to help your business hire and hang onto employees
  • The first step you should take to relieve understaffing

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Our experts:

Pierre Cléroux

Pierre Cléroux

Vice President, Research and Chief Economist, BDC View full biography
Michelle Feder

Michelle Feder

Director, Advisory Services at BDC LinkedIn profile
Isaaq Bosquet of Demasara standing in his warehouse

Issac Bosquet

CEO, DameSara View full biography
Kate Poirier, Senior Director, Canadian Digital Adoption Program

Kate Poirier

Senior Director, Canada Digital Adoption Program at BDC LinkedIn profile
BDC webinar panelist, Julie St-Arnault

Julie St-Arnault, AAPQ, OALA, AAPC, IFLA

Landscape architect and senior urban designer, Vlan paysages
Senior Associate
LinkedIn profile
Cindy Royer, BDC Webinar Host

Cindy Royer

Host LinkedIn profile
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