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Finding the right opportunities in uncertain times

Planning for your business can be very difficult in today’s economy. How can you make the right decisions in the face of rising inflation, widespread labour shortages and fears of a looming economic slowdown?

Strategic planning is a key part of the answer and a valuable tool to equip you and your team to navigate these challenges. Get hands-on advice to create and execute a strategic plan and find the right opportunities to thrive.

Get expert advice on creating a roadmap for your company

Join Pierre Cléroux, Chief Economist at BDC, for an update on the labour market, inflation and interest rates, as well as the top challenges facing Canadian businesses in 2023.

He’ll be followed by Devesh Dwivedi, Senior Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services, who will give concrete advice and answer your questions about how to develop and implement your strategic plan to guide your business and unlock opportunities amid the uncertainty.

Why you should attend

  • Get the latest insights on key Canadian economic trends that will impact your business in the coming months.
  • Learn how to develop a strategic plan and turn it into reality with hands-on advice and practical examples to help you strengthen your competitive position.
  • Ask your questions in real time to get answers about the state of the economy and the right strategies to navigate the current context.

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Our experts:

Pierre Cléroux

Pierre Cléroux

Vice President, Research and Chief Economist, BDC View full biography
Devesh Dwivedi

Devesh Dwivedi

Senior Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services LinkedIn profile
Maria Zalazar

Maria Zalazar

Director, Business Strategy, BDC Advisory Services LinkedIn profile
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