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Web analytics

Web analytics allow a company to collect, measure and evaluate data on visitor traffic that comes to and moves through its website.

The data gathered through web analytics provide information about:

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of pages viewed
  • How visitors are coming to the site (e.g., by clicking on an ad)
  • Average amount of time visitors spend on a page
  • How visitors navigate through the site
  • When and at what point visitors leave the site
  • What prompts visitors to take action when on the site (e.g., clicking on a special feature)

By using web analytics, companies can better understand their customers’ behaviour, and enhance the performance of their site and the experience it offers, with the goal of increasing their conversion rate (how often visitors buy or take some other desired action through the site).

There are many web analytics tools available. Google Analytics is a popular free option.

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