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What you’ll learn

Discover how to set key performance targets and ensure you always have the right amount of inventory on-hand to meet supply and demand.

Topics covered

  • Identify gaps in inventory management

    Five questions to analyze your inventory management practices.

  • The connection between inventory, sales and profits

    Holding too little can cost you time and sales; too much and you tie up your cash and floor space.

  • Symptoms of poor inventory management

    Lack of control, misalignment and lack of space.

  • Recommended key performance indicators (KPIs)

    Establish a KPI dashboard to continuously track inventory management practices.




18 pages

Read time

12 min



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Who is it for?


Diagnose wasteful practices and build a foundation for improvement

Operations managers

Set targets by putting in place key performance indicators (KPIs) to continuously monitor and improve inventory turnover and accuracy

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