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Discover how to create a leaner, more profitable business


Learn how to implement a continuous improvement approach in your business, including step‑by‑step instructions on how to prepare your business, identify sources of waste and apply the fundamental principles of operational efficiency.


  • The first thing you need to do and why it's crucial to your success
  • Simple, practical steps to identify sources of waste
  • Tips and advice on how to get your team on board
  • A little‑known formula for measuring your plant's efficiency
  • How to produce quick gains with 3 fundamental efficiency projects
  • 7 steps to solving operational problems
  • Inspiring success stories and advice from Canadian entrepreneurs
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How to get ready

Find out how to prepare your business for a continuous improvement approach, including getting buy‑in from your team, assessing your performance and identifying operational challenges. Plus, discover a simple formula for measuring your plant’s efficiency.

Take action

Discover 3 basic efficiency projects that can produce quick gains and are fairly easy and inexpensive to carry out as well as 7 steps to solve operational problems.

Go deeper

Discover 5 types of advanced optimization projects you can carry out once you’ve implemented basic lean initiatives.

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