Top 5 business reads for summer 2024 

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Summer is coming along and with half the year gone already, you deserve to take it a little slower to enjoy the sunny weather.

Whether you’re on vacation or taking a breather in a busy schedule, these five pieces, especially selected for a summer day, will allow you to take a quick break and think about your business from a different perspective.

How do women impact the Canadian economy?

Women are crucial to the Canadian economy. Workforce participation by women is at an all-time high and they are responsible for 75% to 80% of consumer spending. Despite this, inequalities remain if we are to achieve true gender equality in Canada. Find out more about the impact of women on the Canadian economy in this short 5-minute read.

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Green means growth for this BC winery

Looking to visit a winery this summer? You may be interested in Festina Lente Estate Winery in Langley, B.C. It’s here that Teresa and Bill Towsley have managed to ally economic growth and environmental responsibility through green renovations. Find out how their story could become yours!

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How to succeed with employee coaching

Ever wondered what employee coaching is and why it’s important? Do you wonder where to begin to provide effective and constructive coaching to employees? Learn about the fundamentals in this step-by-step guide on employee coaching.

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How to organize a successful brainstorming session

Do you ever get lost whenever you try to do a brainstorming session? That is completely normal if you don’t have a plan beforehand. Here are six quick tips to help you plan your next brainstorming session.

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Climate 101 quiz

You hear about it on the news, but do you know what it actually means? Understanding the basics of climate change is the first step to taking action. Test your knowledge to find out how well you know climate change with this short 10-question quiz.

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Get Your Business AI-Ready: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

It’s on everybody’s lips and you hear about it everywhere, but what can you do to ensure your business is part of the shift towards artificial intelligence? Read our guide to help you transition towards this new technology.

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