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Top 5 business reads for summer 2023

Whether you’ve just been splashing around in the water or are in the office dreaming of the beach, take a few minutes to read these five BDC pieces that have made a splash with us

Heading off on vacation? Ready to take in all that summer offers you, from the warm breezes to some al fresco dining?

Now that your business is hopefully operating in that slower summer lane, you might want to look at some of the things there was no time for during the usual rush. We thought we’d offer up a light summer fare and share some of the content you might have missed during the busier months.

Enjoy these articles and your well-earned amble in a park or an afternoon poolside, or time in a new place you can finally explore. And if you are working in the office or training for a marathon, take a break with these four articles and one quiz.

The sweet success of the gummy business

Business and life partners Aisha Yang and Musharaf Syed built and run Herbaland, Canada’s largest manufacturer of nutritional gummies. The B Corp-certified company uses high-end materials, and sources local and natural ingredients for their products. These include B.C. blueberries and Saskatchewan pea protein. That’s a far cry from the gelatin-based sugary gummies that have been the norm for delivering kids’ vitamins and other chewy supplements. This commitment to quality has been key in their company’s impressive growth.

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How to make an action plan to raise climate awareness among employees

Want to implement an effective climate strategy? Start by helping employees understand why your company is taking actions and how they can help. Find out what you need to do to build that buy-in, from finding climate champions to making climate goals part of performance management. Then, look at how to rally employees, including initiatives that get people to reduce office energy consumption and business travel, and take on low-carbon activities like riding their bikes into the office.

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How to get the most out of a business coach

A business coach can act as a sounding board for your thoughts. “Entrepreneurs shoulder a great deal of responsibility, and they’re not always well connected with others who can understand what they’re dealing with,” says Michelle Feder, Director, Business Strategy, BDC Advisory Services. She and a colleague share their advice to get the most out of a business coach to better understand yourself and become a better leader.

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4 Ps of marketing (Make that 7 Ps!)

Product, price, place and promotion: You may already know the 4 Ps of marketing. After all, these ideas have been floating around the business world for a long time. But over the years, three new Ps have emerged to help businesses create better marketing strategies. Take a trip through all seven Ps to get ideas about how to break out of the pack and make sure your business is set to grow for the foreseeable future.

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Cash flow quiz for entrepreneurs

Cash is king! But how well do you actually know this essential resource and how it flows across your business? Test your knowledge and find out if you’re a cash flow pro or still need to perfect how you manage your everyday cash. Take a couple of minutes to test your knowledge and see how you score.

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Bonus summer blog

ChatGPT: What it means for your business

We’ve all heard of ChatGPT, but have you thought of what it could do to help your business? As our experts explain, generative AI tools like ChatGPT may turn out to be a boon for entrepreneurs looking to automate tasks and mitigate labour shortages. These technologies could change how certain jobs are done or even force entire industries to evolve. But as with any new technology, caution and structure are important for a successful adoption. Start by getting the right people in your organization to experiment with it to see how it could benefit your company.

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