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Economic perspective

For many Canadian entrepreneurs growing their business is part and parcel of the life cycle of their company. However, there are many economic factors that can impede and slow down that growth.

Our economic team sets out to provide entrepreneurs with a pertinent analysis, while helping interpret economic trends and their impact on your business.

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Blog Economic perspective
May 27, 2024 | Economic perspective | Sylvie Ratté and Mathieu Galliot

Immigrant entrepreneurship is taking centre stage in Canada

What will be the impact of historically high levels of immigration on the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape?

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Blog Economic perspective
April 08, 2024 | Economic perspective | Carine Bergevin-Chammah

Are there opportunities for Canadian SMEs in the automotive battery supply chain?

Learn how Canadian entrepreneurs can benefit from the growing automotive battery supply chain in Canada. 

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Blog Economic perspective
March 07, 2024 | Economic perspective | Jovanka Charbonneau, Lily Alameh and Carine Bergevin-Chammah

How do women impact the Canadian economy?

Discover facts and figures illuminating Canadian women's significant impact on the economy.

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Blog Economic perspective
December 08, 2023 | Economic perspective | Pierre Cléroux

Canadian economic outlook for 2024: Shifting into neutral

The Canadian economy should benefit from a predictable environment, but high interest rates will weigh down growth.

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Blog Economic perspective
September 22, 2023 | Economic perspective | Pierre Cléroux

Fall 2023 economic update: Is the rollercoaster ride over yet?

After three years of distortion, we believe the economy will stabilize in 2024. Learn what it means for your business.

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