Dave Girolami

Senior Business Advisor
Dave Girolami

Dave is a digital marketing and experience planning consultant with over 15 years’ experience.

Based in Toronto, Dave joined BDC's advisory services team in 2017. He is passionate about helping clients provide their customers with meaningful and valuable experiences, underpinned by the use of the right technologies, which deliver on measurable lead generation goals and sales results.

He has worked for multinational clients, started several of his own ventures—including a marketing consultancy group, a brewery and a digital culture non-profit—and helped scale up one of the world’s most recognized global design and technology events. All of this has given him a unique perspective on how to effectively use the evolving marketing ecosystem to drive business growth.

Dave enjoys staying on the cutting edge of immersive creative and technology trends. He also enjoys frequent rural Ontario weekend getaways with his family, is an avid runner and is finally learning to play hockey.

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