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Customized working capital financing

Access capital without diluting ownership

You’re looking to raise working capital for growth initiatives but have insufficient tangible assets to secure conventional financing and don’t want to dilute your ownership. Our Growth & Transition Capital experts can offer you a choice of customized growth financing solutions to ensure your project’s success.

Financing from $250,000 to $35M

Working with our team of expert, experienced professionals who know your local market, your company can raise capital for projects such as R&D, and product and market development, or to invest in intangible assets such as intellectual property and goodwill.

Our solutions are right for your business if you:

  • Run an established or high-growth firm
  • Have a strong management team
  • Demonstrate quality of financial reporting

3 solutions depending on your needs

Mezzanine financing customized to your needs

Mezzanine financing offers repayment terms tailored to your business reality. It gives you the freedom to structure the loan according to your cash inflows in order to protect your working capital. It’s an alternative that can bridge the gap between senior debt and equity financing to get your project moving forward.

Cash flow financing for growth projects

Your company has demonstrated a consistent track record of positive and strong cash flow and you want to plan large-scale growth projects. This solution helps you raise the capital you need with stable terms and conditions that provide peace of mind.

Quasi-equity financing to share the risk with us

You run a start-up business that has not yet reached positive cash flow but you forecast that you will generate strong cash flow in the near term. This attractive solution allows you to raise capital to keep cash in your business for daily operations.

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