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Are you ready to go global?

In today's global marketplace, exporting and other international trade opportunities are important success factors for a growing number of companies. But entrepreneurs are often intimidated by the prospect of doing international business. After all, exporting brings a whole new set of challenges.

What challenges are you facing?

Ensuring that you carefully go through each step is the best way for your business to succeed on its journey to international expansion.

Developing my export plan

Doing business with large companies

Changes in technology and the way business is done mean that small businesses now have the capacity to compete in the global marketplace.

Developing my export marketing strategy

For you to be successful abroad, it takes in-depth market research and a marketing plan that is sensitive to the foreign market’s culture and customs.

Delivering my goods

Although shipping internationally can be complicated, making sure that you are familiar with the various regulatory requirements can make for a much smoother process.

Financing my exports

Lenders prefer sound facts and figures, so back up your information with a strong financial plan, particularly in areas such as export financing.

Managing online sales and exports

High-speed connectivity, user-friendly software and easy transportation have reduced the barriers to finding and selling to foreign customers via the Internet.

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