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More and more women are turning to entrepreneurship. Angela Nagy, owner of GreenStep and a BDC client, reflects on the benefits of making connections with other women entrepreneurs.

BDC: Tell me about your business?

My business, GreenStep.ca, is my passion come to life. We help businesses reduce their environmental impact and increase their profits. Most business owners don’t realize that when done right, sustainability can improve their profits by 50-80%!

BDC: How has networking with other women entrepreneurs helped your business?

Women face unique challenges when it comes to entrepreneurship – particularly women with children – so having the peer support and advice of other women who have been in your shoes is invaluable.

BDC: Is there a particular instance that stands out?

In my early twenties, I sought out the advice of a senior executive of a multinational organization. Not only did she meet with me, she became one of my first mentors, and gave me a plaque on our first meeting right off her wall that says: Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible. It still hangs on my wall today.

BDC: You recently attended BDC’s WE Talk Business Bootcamp. How was it?

The program was awesome. It provides great business advice and more importantly, it’s a safe space for women entrepreneurs to ask questions and not feel judged. You leave the session and feel extra confident knowing you are not alone in your journey. Someone has been in your shoes and is willing to share their advice.

BDC: With limited time to balance work and life, how do you stay connected to other women entrepreneurs in your network?

I keep a close circle of fellow women entrepreneurs as friends who are great for advice, and whenever possible, I get out to networking events to grow my network of other amazing women.

BDC: What's your best advice for a woman who is considering starting a business?

Make sure that it’s something you are passionate about because when it gets hard it’s the passion and fire that keep you going. And, don’t give up! Especially if it’s something you believe in.

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