BDC Small Business WeekTM October 20-26, 2019

The trends

Discover the six future trends that will reshape you company in coming years, and the steps you can take today to help you adapt and succeed.

Infographic: How to future-proof your business

What will the workplace of the future look like for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada? Get an at-a-glance look at important projections, statistics and expert tips to help you adapt your company effectively to each trend.

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Download the BDC study

How will emerging trends in technology and demographics impact your business? BDC has the answers in a new study, with valuable advice on how to take advantage of these opportunities.

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Success stories

Across the nation, Canadian entrepreneurs are taking important steps to adapt their companies to emerging trends, and turning challenges into opportunities that will ultimately lead to a stronger and more competitive business. Read their stories to get the ideas and inspiration you need to help you adapt your business to tomorrow’s trends today!

Trend 1The aging workforce

Riverside Lobster, David Deveau
Labour shortages: How one entrepreneur is fighting back

Find out what entrepreneur David Deveau is doing to overcome a chronic shortage of labour at his lobster processing business in Nova Scotia.

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Trend 2The rise of the millennial generation

Solido Design, Amit Gupta
Tech company finds the right formula to attract the best millennials

Learn how to attract and keep millennial workers from Amit Gupta, CEO of fast-growing Solido Design, who’s doubling his workforce.

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Trend 3A more culturally diverse workforce

Attracting immigrant employees is key for this entrepreneur

Find out the strategies entrepreneur Ross McLeod uses to attract immigrant employees to his security guard company—and retain them.

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Trend 4The growth of virtual marketplaces

From Rachel, Carolyne Parent, Alyeska Guillaud, Mélanie Heyberger
The power of personalization: Tailoring to customer desires was key for these fashion entrepreneurs

Find out how these three young entrepreneurs beat the competition in an increasingly competitive virtual marketplace.

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Trend 5The automation of business activities

Lenmak Exterior Innovations, Ray Turner
Automation helps Alberta manufacturer ride out the economic storm

Ray Turner’s investments in automation helped him ride out Alberta’s downturn and position his business for renewed growth.

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Trend 6The rise of the digital economy

Flytographer, Nicole Smith
Insights from data help this entrepreneur reach an untapped market

Find out how digital entrepreneur Nicole Smith built a successful vacation photography start-up in 200 cities.

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