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What are digital technologies? How do I create a digital culture? How can I use more digital technologies in my business? This section will answer these questions and more. Visit regularly, we’ll add new sections every week until the launch of BDC Small Business Week.

Digital advantage

Why should entrepreneurs care about digital technologies?

The rapid pace of technological change is one of the most significant economic events of this century.

To understand how entrepreneurs are adapting to these changes, we assessed the level of digital maturity of Canadian businesses by combining the use of digital technologies in their operations (digital intensity) and their ability to implement change (digital culture).

We found that companies with a higher level of digital maturity enjoy higher sales and profit growth than their peers, across all regions and industries. They are also more likely to export and innovate.

The full results of the study will be published with the launch of BDC Small Business Week on October 15.

Digital technologies improve business performance

These results are similar to what we found in a 2017 survey of manufacturers. In that study, we found that manufacturers who adopted Industry 4.0 technologies saw real benefits.


boosted their productivity


reduced operating costs


improved overall product quality

What are digital technologies?

Digital technologies refer to any information and communication technology that is used to support or accomplish a business activity.

Customer-facing activities

Back-office activities

Business management and productivity tools

Accounting and budgeting software as well as productivity tools to boost efficiency.

Digital culture

Manage the digital shift in your business

Lead a digital transformation in your business

Follow these five steps to help create a culture of continuous innovation

Digitizing your business is about much more than investing in new computers and software. It means changing your company’s culture to use data and technology to make more informed, faster decisions, and to better meet customer needs. A critical element of the process is to adopt a mentality of continual innovation and quality improvement.

BDC Business Advisor Jivi Cheema says entrepreneurs should follow these five steps to lead a digital transformation.

Find out what they are
Our goal is to make ourselves irrelevant.
Entrepreneur story

How to develop a digital culture

These entrepreneurs decided to make the digital shift and are busy transforming their company’s culture to get there.

Discover what happens next

Transforming your company culture

Building a culture of continuous improvement can make your competitive strategy a reality

Continuous improvement can be an accelerator of your competitive strategy, and it is often the key element of a successful strategy implementation. In essence, it entails a people-oriented philosophy centered on a relentless focus on the voice of the customer (i.e., customer obsession).

BDC Senior Business Advisor Patrick Choquette and Business Advisor Andreas Pollmueller explain how organizations are making it part of their culture.

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Digital intensity

Increase the use of digital technologies in your business

8 steps for a successful technology purchase

Doing it the right way will help you make a profitable investment

A big technology purchase can give your business a leg up in productivity and competitiveness, but it can also cause major headaches.

BDC expert Jonathan Pastrikos proposes the following eight steps to ensure you make a successful technology purchase.

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Unleash the power of data to make better business decisions

Follow these four steps to collect valuable business data

You probably have tons of data about your finances, customers and operations. All this data can be an invaluable hidden resource that increases your efficiency and profit margins.

BDC expert Rayhan Abdulmughnee offers this four-step guide to unleashing the power of data in your business.

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The cost was a fraction of the returns.
Entrepreneur story

Digital transition: E-commerce boosts this retailer’s sales by 30%

Stuart Tidd decided to expand his printer parts business into online sales. A carefully planned transition to e-commerce paid off big time.

Find out how he did it
In the end, our employees felt ownership of the product.
Entrepreneur story

Logistics company finds tech solution to northern shipping problem

Shipping firm BBE isn’t in the software business. But its innovative technology has sparked a promising new business line that could change an industry.

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Technology roadmap template and checklist

These two tools will help you clarify your technology vision

A technology roadmap is a planning tool that aligns your business objectives to long- and short-term technology solutions.

This template and checklist are designed to help you create your roadmap. Modify them as necessary to reflect your company’s circumstances and objectives.

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Digital maturity assessment tool

Be the first to try our new Digital maturity assessment tool and receive access to our full study on October 15, 2018.

Our free online tool will help you identify your current level of digitization, compare yourself to your industry peers and discover your potential for improvement.

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