BDC Small Business WeekTM October 20-26, 2019

The Future of SMEs

Twitter chat

About this event

Entrepreneurship is an increasingly enticing lifestyle for all Canadians. In fact, small and medium-sized enterprises contribute more than half of Canada’s GDP annually. As traditional industries change and technology continues to reshape our lives, Canadian entrepreneurs need to know how to navigate the future of their business. What challenges lie ahead in the ever-changing business landscape? Join the Twitter chat as we discuss the future of SMEs.

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Date: Friday October 20
Time: 12pm – 1pm ET

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Joining the Twitter chat is easy! Here are some tips.

  1. Login to your Twitter account and follow @bdc_ca and @Startup_Canada
  2. Include the #StartupChats hashtag in all of your tweets
  3. Follow the conversation in real-time by entering #StartupChats into the Twitter search box, or on
  4. When responding to a question, always start by indicating the question number. For example, start your tweet reply with “A2” if you are responding to question #2 (also referred to as “Q2”).
  5. Be sure to notify your social network that you will be participating in the chat a few minutes before the start time.
  6. Don’t be shy! Twitter Chats are inherently social so feel free to share your opinion, expertise and experience. Refrain, however, from using this chat session to openly promote your products or services.
  7. Maintain a positive attitude and tone. The best replies will be retweeted!

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