A loan as unique as your business needs

As an Indigenous entrepreneur, you face distinctive opportunities and challenges. That’s why we offer financing that’s adapted to your needs. So adapted, in fact, that we match the repayment schedule on your loan to your cash flow cycle. Now that’s unique!

Indigenous Entrepreneur Loan

Use the Indigenous Entrepreneur Loan to:

  • Acquire fixed assets

  • Purchase equipment and machinery

  • Finance franchise fees

  • Cover start-up costs

  • Start exporting

  • Access working capital

A loan as dynamic as your ambitions

Up to $350,000

Use it to start or grow your business

On or off reserve

Get financing whether you operate on or off reserve

Peace of mind

Our terms and conditions don’t change without due cause

A loan that gives back to charity

A loan that gives back to charity


Select a registered charity of your choice


We give back part of the interest paid on your loan


Be part of a dynamic and growing group of Indigenous entrepreneurs

Sharon Bond - Owner of Kekuli Cafe

If you’re Aboriginal, the entrepreneur is there inside you. You can start up your own business, whether it be a retail store, a restaurant or anything.

Indigenous banking at BDC


Committed to clients as of March 31, 2023

+ 1,000

Indigenous clients across Canada

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