Testimonials - Carousel

Testimonials - Carousel

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Nicole Smith - Founder of Flytographer

We've mapped the customer journey from end to end and we look at every touch point and try to understand how we can remove friction and inject delight.

Nicole Smith - Founder of Flytographer

Instead of following trends in the stores, we have our own collection that has been validated by our customers on Facebook.

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Rachel's Box

Nicole Smith - Founder of Flytographer

You have to reinvent yourself while staying true to your mission, purpose and character.

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The 7 Virtues

Nicole Smith - Founder of Flytographer

Being Indigenous doesn’t stop you from doing anything. We are creating jobs for people. We are taking care of ourselves. So it’s time to be proud of First Nations in Canada. It’s amazing. It’s good.

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Kekuli Cafe


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