BDC Small Business WeekTM October 14-20, 2018

PayPal partnership

BDC and PayPal team up to help Canadian SME undergo digital transformation

At a time when four out of five Canadians shop online less than one in five Canadian small businesses sells online. New research shows that adoption of digital technology remains quite low among Canadian small businesses and it’s impacting their bottom line. To grow and compete on a global stage, Canada’s SMEs need to digitize now.

With this vision, BDC is teaming up with PayPal Canada, a global e-commerce leader and champion of Canadian entrepreneurs, to launch BDC SBW 2018. Together, our mission is to help Canadian business owners understand and unlock the full potential of digital commerce solutions .

BDC SBW 2018 launch event

Come celebrate and raise your digital game with BDC and PayPal!

October 15th 2018, Globe & Mail Toronto

Whether you are just starting out, scaling up, or looking to compete on a global stage, learn how technology solutions can help drive growth for your business.

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Driving growth through digital transformation

PayPal and BDC are hosting workshops for small businesses focused on driving growth through digital transformation and e-commerce adoption.

October 19th - World Trade Centre Edmonton

In partnership with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

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October 19th - St. John’s

In partnership with St. John’s Board of Trade and the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technology Industries (NATI).

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