BDC Small Business WeekTM October 20-26, 2019

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Michael Denham, President and Chief Executive Officer, BDC
Michael Denham

President and Chief Executive Officer

“We are at a turning point. New digital technologies and an evolving talent marketplace are reshaping the reality of Canadian entrepreneurs. Those who spot the next wave of disruption and take advantage of it will be tomorrow’s leaders.”

Lesley Lawrence, Senior Vice President, Ontario, BDC
Lesley Lawrence

Senior Vice President, Ontario

“Our most successful clients are reaching new customers through e-commerce and using digital technologies to boost their productivity. With the right support, Canadian entrepreneurs can do more than just survive in this new environment—they can thrive.”

Gina Gale, Senior Vice President, Atlantic, BDC
Gina Gale

Senior Vice President, Atlantic

“Canada’s aging demographics are a challenge for entrepreneurs across the country. Changing how you hire and manage your people can ensure you have the right talent in place to remain competitive.”

Pierre Cléroux, Vice President, Research and Chief Economist, BDC
Pierre Cléroux

Vice President, Research and Chief Economist

“There are opportunities on the horizon for Canadian entrepreneurs who can harness the technological and demographic trends transforming key business functions and the business environment.”

Craig Ryan, Director, Social Entrepreneurship, BDC
Craig Ryan

Director, Social Entrepreneurship

“Younger entrepreneurs are redefining the purpose of business. It’s no longer good enough to be the best in the world—you also have to be the best for the world.”

Carla Heim, Senior Advisor, Social Entrepreneurship, BDC
Carla Heim

Senior Advisor, Social Entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneurs who invest in their employees and their community are the ones who turn heads. The way of the future is clear. Consumers now look for this—and buy!”