Benji Sucher – Canadian Fintech 2.0 Summit |

Canadian Fintech 2.0 Summit April 17-18, 2018

Benji Sucher

Benji Sucher

Vice President and COO, Layer 6 AI, TD Bank Group

Benji is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Layer 6 AI, TD Bank Group. Layer 6 AI’s capabilities include personalization, recommendations and next best action. Prior to joining Layer 6, Benji was VP of M&A and Integration at Constellation Software. At Constellation, he was responsible for acquiring, integrating and growing companies around the world. Prior to Constellation, Benji worked in private equity, where he invested in companies and worked closely with portfolio companies to help develop and analyze competitive, operating and strategic initiatives. Benji holds a CPA designation, which he obtained from PwC.