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Looking for a lender who understands your industry and financing for tech companies that won’t dilute ownership of your company?

Never a cookie-cutter approach

Your business’s income and expenditure models are different from other industries. You need to maintain a continuous development process and constantly innovate in order to preserve your competitive advantage with a lender who understands your reality and won’t dilute your company shares.

At BDC we know that the tech industry’s trajectory forecast, financials and exit strategies are not one-size fits all. We can accompany you through every stage with tailored financing for tech companies and advice to help you overcome challenges and transition to the next phase.

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What others have to say

The Bank enabled us to access capital that would have been a struggle to get elsewhere. They had confidence in our technology and were able to structure an innovative financing approach that really worked for our business!
We’re a fast growing, technology-enabled company with a lot of moving parts, so it takes a special kind of bank to understand our strategy and vision—and that’s exactly what BDC has been able to do. They’ve been quick to adapt their offering to our specific situation and they’re clearly committed to our success like no other bank. The result: we’ve grown from a team of 20 people to 150 people and we’re now delivering hundreds of thousands of meals across Quebec and Ontario.
Phantom Compass
BDC’s solution was simple, functional and very easy to administrate—thanks to BDC, our small game studio has been able to focus on its core product offerings and is poised for substantial growth.
Telemerge Canada Inc.
BDC’s involvement goes beyond the functional side of financing. The team has added value through connections inside and outside BDC that have helped expand our management skills, drive the business forward and make Telemerge’s growth plans a reality.
We set out to strengthen our po-sition as a global leader in data management and sustain fast and healthy growth. Thanks to the support from BDC, we have been able to accomplish these goals.

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Our Venture Capital team invests directly in Canadian tech companies to help them commercialize new ideas through three highly focused funds in the IT, energy/cleantech and healthcare sectors. Take a look at their portfolio.


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