At BDC, we know that information and communication technologies (ICT) evolve at a very rapid pace. Staying on top of the latest ICT solutions is a challenging feat for any entrepreneur. It is for this reason that we’ve created the vendor qualification process. This is what enables us to find qualified technology solutions and service providers that can offer entrepreneurs relevant turn-key technology services that can positively impact their business.

All BDC-qualified vendors have demonstrated their ability to deliver implementation services by informing us of their internal capabilities, number of years in business, industry and sector expertise, current client base size and functionalities found within their ICT solution.

Our qualification process is fully objective and impartial and vendors do not pay BDC to obtain qualification. BDC's objective is to act as a catalyst for ICT adoption and innovation in Canada. It is for this reason that we make significant investments in market intelligence in order to seek out new and innovative ICT solutions for Canadian entrepreneurs across all sectors. BDC does not offer any implementation services and has no affiliation with any ICT vendors or products.