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Technology Contract Review

Get an independent review of your system software contract

Are you about to purchase system software with implementation services? If so, chances are the contract will contain a lot of technical jargon and industry norms, making it challenging to understand. It can then be easy to overlook crucial elements and run into problems due to unfavourable provisions.

The technology contract review service is designed to help you:

  • Get expert, impartial advice on over 50 key contract areas
  • Identify clauses that could generate unexpected fees or limit your usage rights
  • Determine whether any key contractual areas are missing
  • Obtain the information you need to assess and negotiate any clauses of concern
  • Reduce your risk and maximize your ROI
When you’ve invested significantly in technology, there are so many potential pitfalls that can be fatal for a business during vendor contract negotiations. BDC’s IT contract review was indispensable and helped us reduce risks and resolve any issues during negotiations. In the end, we wanted an ERP system at the right price and to ensure that it totally worked for our business. I would strongly recommend this service to any entrepreneur!

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Find out if your contract answers questions such as:

  • What happens if the supplier goes out of business?
  • If your business creates additional software as part of the new system, who retains the rights?
  • What happens if you have a problem with the software – how soon will it be fixed?
  • What are the extent and limitation of maintenance services?
  • What exactly will the supplier provide in terms of hardware and software?
  • Is there a risk-sharing agreement in place?
  • ...and more.

The contract review service* can be used when purchasing system software such as:

  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management
  • E-Commerce: Electronic Commerce
  • WMS: Warehouse Management System
  • MRP: Material Requirement Planning
  • PLM: Product Lifecycle Management
  • SFA: Sales Force Automation
  • PSA: Professional Services Automation

* This service is not designed to validate choices of software, hardware or services, nor is it designed to evaluate or compare pricing.

Protect your system software investment with a technology contract review!

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