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Technology Action Plan

Get the most out of your technology investments

Get clear and actionable advice to help you assess your current technology assets and develop a plan to achieve your business objectives. Whether you’re upgrading, integrating or replacing your systems, our technology experts can give you the guidance you need.

The benefits for your business

  • Get a complete analysis of your technology assets and how they support your business
  • Uncover technology adoption opportunities that can help you achieve your business goals
  • Identify gaps and areas for improvement by mapping key business processes
  • Uncover inefficiencies among your software applications
  • Get clear and unbiased recommendations, with a structured action plan

Your Technology Action Plan includes:

  • a value-chain analysis to assess the overall health of core functions of your business
  • a high-level view of your business processes and technology
  • an enterprise application architecture to help you visualize the functions of various software applications, as well as their integration and overlaps
  • a 360º technology assessment to help you see how well your current technology supports your business needs
  • a report with prioritized recommendations and a high‑level action plan
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We could have kept limping along and working around the glitches in our system, but we decided that we needed external help and a fully objective point of view. We had total trust in BDC.