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Succession and transition planning

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Are you planning to retire or to move on to other business ventures? Have you identified a successor? Next to starting a business, deciding how you will exit may be your most important decision.

What can transition planning offer you?

It can help you identify potential opportunities and options, find solutions, and provide a smoother transfer. Benefits may include:

  • An action plan for how and when your business will be transferred—and to whom
  • Renewed commitment from your management team and stakeholders
  • Clear management focus and well-defined future direction
  • Enhanced communication between entrepreneur and successor
  • Preserving and growing shareholder equity
  • Coaching and executive mentoring
  • Establishing a clear financial structure

How BDC can help

We will help you plan your transition, whether you're passing the company on to family members or internal staff, selling to outside interests or looking for a buyer.

Our approach focuses on maximizing the value of your business and stakeholder interest. We will help define, develop and implement a plan that ensures the ongoing growth and success of your business. We will also:

  • Help clarify your objectives and those of other potential successors
  • Take a look at your business and exit strategy options
  • Review and evaluate the existing financial resources and structure of your business
  • Help you decide who will take responsibility for the future of the business
  • Identify training and development gaps
  • Help resolve internal conflicts and confusion
  • Set up a transition committee or a period of co-management to facilitate transfer of knowledge
  • Develop a transition plan
  • Coordinate legal and fiscal aspects of the transfer

Why choose BDC?

Experience Over 65 years working with SMEs to help grow their business
Networking Our network of professional consultants are skilled at striking a balance between quality, price, efficiency and results
Focus Promoting business self-sufficiency and success at an affordable cost
Money and more We combine financing and consulting that are adapted to help your business grow

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