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S. Clevett Professional Accounting and BDC: The right move


S. Clevett Professional Accounting

It wasn’t long before Staci Clevett’s Fort McMurray accounting practice outgrew her home office space. The business that the certified general accountant had purchased in 2013 from a retiring accountant had expanded rapidly and she decided to move the company to a downtown location.

Funding the expansion to the new space from her personal resources became a challenge for Staci as she faced quickly climbing costs. She and a BDC representative, with whom she shared mutual clients, began discussing her financing needs.

BDC responded quickly by offering her a working capital loan to replenish the funds she had used to set up the new office location. In addition, a technology loan helped cover the costs of new equipment for Staci and her staff of four.

Using the working capital loan to set up the office freed up cash flow for operations while the technology loan helped Staci purchase the equipment she needed right away. With the new equipment in place, the business increased in efficiency and was able to start serving clients in Edmonton as well as Fort McMurray.

Staci explains that she chose BDC for her lending needs because, in her work as an accountant, she knew the staff and found them to be dedicated. “They took the time to get to know my business and finances and to suggest lending solutions that I hadn’t thought of myself,” she says. “When growing a business, there is no better resource than someone dedicated to assisting you reach your goals.”