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One Bentall Centre, 505 Burrard Street, Suite 200 P.O. Box 6 Vancouver, British Columbia V7X 1M3 Branch # 2240



Our business centre’s mission is to help create and develop strong businesses in British Columbia and Yukon.

BDC is a leading provider of customized financing solutions; with BDC’s Growth & Transition Capital, you can choose from a full range of growth and transition financing options such as mezzanine, cash flow and quasi-equity financing—all designed to keep vital cash flow in your rapidly-growing company, without diluting ownership.

Business Organization in British Columbia and Yukon

  • Tourism BCWorking closely with communities and businesses, Tourism BC's Industry Development division provides information, conducts workshops, as well one-on-one counseling, designed to help communities and entrepreneurs choose the right path toward success in British Columbia's tourism industry.

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