Canadian Corporate Innovation Summit

Terry Stuart

Terry Stuart

Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte


When some of the world’s leading brands need to discuss innovation strategies or figure out how to get ready for disruption, Terry Stuart often gets the call. As Deloitte Canada’s Chief Innovation Officer, Terry’s job is to be a “constructive disruptor,” helping both the firm and its clients thrive in a world where exponential change is in the driver’s seat and is not obeying the speed limit. A creative thinker with an idea every nanosecond, a meeting with Terry leaves people itching to jump out of the present and bounce into the future.

Terry leads Deloitte’s ecosystem strategy in Canada. He drives Deloitte’s d{ } initiative at Communitech as well as its participation at OneEleven, MaRS and the Ryerson DMZ. He helps connect new start-ups with large corporations.

Terry is on Deloitte’s Global Innovation Executive list and helps connect Canadian companies to the latest trends in global accelerators (Israel, Australia, Germany and the UK).

Animated and passionate, Terry speaks to audiences across the country (C2Mtl, TedX, C-Suite Exponential Technology series, etc.) and abroad. Terry is a master connector and finds value in meeting with everyone in the innovation ecosystem—he finds inspiration everywhere.

The word innovation can sometimes be used in a cavalier way, but in Terry’s mind it matters. Canada’s productivity is on the line and innovation is what will propel the country forward to help future generations be successful.