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Livestock Water Recycling

LWR creates value for food producers by reducing the expense and impact of waste liquids. Recognizing a worldwide need for the treatment of agriculture wastewater, LWR developed a multi-patented, award winning waste-to-worth approach to on-farm manure treatment and recently made the FoodTech 500 as the highest ranking Canadian agrifoodtech company, claiming the 31st spot. Focused on digitizing manure, LWR recently launched LOIS: the first ever Machine Learning application for manure data. LOIS helps producers make informed decisions to access digital marketplaces including fertilizer sales, nutrient trading, carbon credits and the rapidly expanding biogas sector. LWR’s on-farm water treatment and fertilizer PLANT has become the most sought after sustainability solution in the world by global livestock producers who are looking grow more crops and produce more food using less money and fewer resources. This proven, patented nutrient recovery platform reduces the volume of livestock manure by concentrating nutrients into crop fertilizers, while recycling clean water back to the farm.

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