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Enter the 2014 BDC Young Entrepreneur Award for a chance to win $100,000


Montreal, Quebec, January 30, 2014—The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is accepting applications for the 2014 edition of the BDC Young Entrepreneur Award. Canadian business owners aged 18 to 35 will compete for a grand prize of $100,000 and a second prize of $25,000 in consulting services from BDC. The deadline to enter the contest is April 3, 2014, at noon, Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

“Our past finalists view the BDC Young Entrepreneur Award contest as the catalyst to a better understanding of what it takes to grow a business from a small venture to a powerhouse and as a source of unparalleled visibility opportunities,” said Michel Bergeron, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Public Affairs at BDC. “Now’s the time to be bold, dream big, explore new avenues and devise the winning strategy that will make your business thrive.”

BDC is looking for young entrepreneurs who face a turning point: continue at their current pace or seize the opportunity to grow their business and achieve the momentum that will lead to long-term success.  Applicants have to submit a short video describing their business’s turning point and the solution that will help them achieve future growth. All entries must describe a project that has yet to be implemented.  Click for more information about the format of the video submission, and the contest’s rules, eligibility criteria and application process.

“Once in a while, something great happens to ordinary people,” said 2013 BDC Young Entrepreneur Award winner Joel Pinel of WOW Factor Media. “One of the greatest experiences of my life was being part of the contest. BDC provided young, deserving Canadian entrepreneurs with an unbelievable opportunity.”

Click to find out why Joel Pinel and 2012 runner-up Mike Miltimore believe more young entrepreneurs should enter the BDC Young Entrepreneur Award contest.  Since winning, both companies have expanded their client base, tapped into new markets and hired more staff.

“The contest aims to showcase the vibrancy of Canada’s young entrepreneur community and its importance to the prosperity of our economy,” said Bergeron. “It is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to raise the profile of their business and tap into networks that will ultimately help them keep ahead of competitors and take their business to the next level.”

Apply online at www.bdc.ca/yea. For updates about the 2014 BDC Young Entrepreneur Award, follow BDC on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit bdc.ca/awards to learn other ways in which BDC recognizes Canadian entrepreneurs.

BROADCAST SUMMARY: Maintaining sufficient cash flow is one of the most frequent obstacles cited by young business owners. If you’re an entrepreneur aged 18 to 35 who needs to get a new project off the ground, the Business Development Bank of Canada has a contest for you. Tell BDC about a project you think will take your business to the next level and how winning a $100,000 grand prize will make it happen for you. Visit www.bdc.ca/yea to get more information about the 2014 BDC Young Entrepreneur Award and enter the contest by April 3 at noon Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

About the BDC Young Entrepreneur Award contest

Created by the Business Development Bank of Canada in 1988, the BDC Young Entrepreneur Award contest pays tribute to remarkable Canadian entrepreneurs between 18 and 35 years of age. Up to eleven finalists — one for each province and one for the combined territories — will be selected to compete for a $100,000 Grand Prize. A second prize of $25,000 in consulting services will be awarded to the contest runner-up. For the first time in 2014, a national committee will evaluate the quality of the finalist projects and will give each finalist a score that will be combined with the public vote. The national committee evaluation is weighted to account for 30% of each project’s final ranking and the public vote will account for the remaining 70% of the ranking. www.bdc.ca/yea

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