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BDC Capital and Startupfest join forces to create a series of premium festivals dedicated to emerging tech startups, venture capital funds, angel investors and accelerators


Montreal, April 7, 2016BDC Capital, the most active venture capital investor in Canada has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Startupfest, the largest startup conference in the country, to build a set of premium festivals that facilitate knowledge exchange, sharing of best practices, network expansion and enhanced collaboration between key players in the venture capital ecosystem – emerging tech founders, venture capital funds, angel investors, and accelerators. 

The four premium festivals –AcceleratorFest (2nd edition), ScaleUpFest, FundFest (special edition of BDC’s FUNDamental Principals series), and AngelFest (in partnership with the National Angel Capital Organization - NACO), will take place on July 13th, in the Startupfest village in Montreal’s Old Port.  “The main objective of this partnership is to build a platform that enables collaboration – not only peer-to-peer, but amongst all players in the tech startup ecosystem”, said Jerome Nycz, Executive VP of BDC Capital.

“What makes Startupfest special is its ability to attract great international speakers and create an ambiance conducive to productive discussions and building strong connections”, said Mr. Nycz.  Last year, BDC Capital partnered with Startupfest and successfully launched AcceleratorFest, attracting speakers from world-leading accelerators such as 500 Startups, Dreamit, Techstars, NUMA, and Startup Mexico, to name a few.  The event was well received by the accelerator community and attracted over 150 attendees. 

NACO is one of the partners in AngelFest. "Canada’s growing angel class can benefit from opportunities like this one, to learn from and meet with local and international peers, in a rich environment that includes all elements of the startup ecosystem," said Yuri Navarro, Executive Director and CEO of NACO.

For Philippe Telio, the founder and producer of Startupfest, the new premium festivals and the expanded partnership with BDC Capital are a sign of the preeminent role Startupfest has assumed in Canada’s startup ecosystem over the years.  “BDC Capital has been a supporter of Startupfest since inception”, said Mr. Telio.  “We are excited to see the festival grow from an event for startups, to now co-hosting with the BDC tailor-made programs for founders of high-growth startups, venture capital funds, angel investors and accelerators”.  The four premium festivals will be held simultaneously under different tents in the Startupfest village, and will come together for a joint party.

More information about registration for each premium festival here – FundFest, AcceleratorFest, AngelFest, ScaleUpFest

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